Monday, June 16, 2008

Wow, been out for a while.

Here's where I stand.

I'm fosusing more on the action script right now, because there are some producers/financiers who are interested in seeing it. Which is interesting.

I outlined about 70% of the rest of the plot and did some rough character sketches and have now gotten back to actual writing. Though a lot of it is disjointed with transitions much needed.

But it's good to be writing regularly. Which means actual writing at the computer, but also that delicious percolation while not writing. Like when I last went for a long bike ride -- wrote two scenes as I pedaled along dodging semis and roadkill. Got home and wrote them out quickly in a notebook and typed 'em in the next day.

Or puttering in the garden or on my new fixed-gear bike conversion project. I love that -- when the story keeps spooling itself out subconsciously even when you're not thinking about it.

By the way, where the hell has Greg gone? Man, I thought I was getting lame with this...